How does it work for your foreign guests?

As the video shows, Dishcovery's menu besides being digital and interactive it is also very intuitive and easy to use. 

And it does not only provides the best translation for you dishes, but also gives information about ingredients, allergens and pairings. It is much more than a simple menu.

How do you get your Dishcovery menu?
It's very easy:

1) Send us your menu

Send us the pictures of your menus or a digital file (word, pdf) by email or whatsapp. Specify also the languages you want to translate your menu into

2) Qr code and digital menu

In few days we will create the digital menu and the QR code with your digital multi-language menu in it.

3) Print your QR code

Now you just need to print your QR code and show it to your foreign guests.

Start for Free

Aren't you sure? We offer a 30 days free trial. No credit card required. You will be able to test Dishcovery's benefits.

Would you like more information? Contact us!


Translation for menu updates included

Do you often update your menu? No problem, our subscription packages include the translation for your menu updates without additional fee.

Not only translations

Dishcovery do not offer only the translation of your menu but also provide the information of your ingredients and dishes.


You can freely add the beautiful images of your dishes and ingredients.

Allergens management

With Dishcovery you can manage the information about your ingredients and allergens.

Direct print

Do you still need a paper copy? No worries, Dishcovery automatically generate a printable copy of your menu in all the languages.

"Today's special" menu

With a simple button you can activate or deactivate a certain menu and schedule them anytime you want

Suggest wines and pairings

Through the interactive menu you can create pairings with your beverage and wine list in order to increase the average spending

Precious data

Would you like to know where your international guests are from? What they order the most? Dishcovery offers you a report with precious data about your guests

Custom your menu

Edit your digital menu selecting the colours of your brand, your font, logo and images

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